Friday, September 30, 2011

Approval for Teacher’s Package

Thiruvananthapuram 28-09-2011: The Teacher’s Package has been approved by the Government, said CM while briefing the media after the Cabinet meeting. Teacher’s Bank involving 8076 teachers will be formed in the district level. Posting will be given to 3389 teachers working without salary from June.
All the teachers who were posted this year in the vacancies that arose due to death, resignation, promotion and retirement will be given recognition. The y will get salary from the day they joined th service.
The Teacher’s Bank of 8076 teachers are formed out of the 2987 protected teachers who became permanent after the expiry of their protected period, 1700 teachers who lost their job due to the division fall and 3389 teachers working without salary.
The Teacher’s Bank will be formed in the revenue district level. The vacancies that arise while implementing the new teacher-student ratio will be filled from the Teacher’s Bank in each school.
From now on those who have passed the Teacher’s Eligibility Test will only be posted as teachers. All the specialist teachers in schools will be pooled into the Teacher’s Bank and their service will be extended to all schools. In the future these vacancies will be reported to PSC.
ADHAR cards will be made mandatory form next year to fix the extra post that arises due to the new teacher – student ratio. Strict action will be initiated against the school authorities who blow up the number of students. The teachers working in that school will be considered for the vacancies that arise as per the new ratio. The next priority will be given to a teacher from the Teacher’s Bank. The rest of the vacancies should be filled according to seniority. The postings in aided school can be made only with the consent of the Government. From now on the salary can be drawn only by the Head Master of the school.
The 1641 teachers working in Government schools in the protected category will be send to the Teacher’s Bank and will be posted in aided schools.
When the Teacher’s Package is implemented there will not be a single teacher in the state working without salary, said CM

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