Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thiruvananthapuram 25-07-2012: The Kerala Assembly today passed a landmark piece of legislation, the Right to Service Act. The Act gives every eligible person the right to obtain government services within a time frame. It provides for effective, time-bound redress of grievances of citizens, delivery of services to the public and making government servants liable in case of default. Thirteen government services and nine services related to the Police Department were under the purview of the legislation in the first phase. The services provided by any government department, local self-government institution, State public sector undertaking or a statutory body will come under its purview. The Act provides for payment of penalty for failure to provide service without a sufficient and reasonable cause. The liability of paying fine rests with the designated officer and the amount will not be less than Rs. 500 and not more than Rs. 5,000. The Act will provide a system whereby the public can make government servants answerable in terms of their functions, duties, commitments and obligations towards the people. The people will be made aware of the rights, obligations and entitlements in relations to these.

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